Gigposter - (the) Melvins - 2018-10-16 - LOGO, Hamburg, DE

A (serious) dead man. No more, no less. Screenprint, 2c, handprinted on exquisite 285g/m² recycled italian paper, hand-cut.

This print is not only for my all time favourite band, which always has a place reserved in my playlist, but it's also dedicated to my dad, who suddenly passed away a few days ago.

I won't make a secret of my inspiration and reference this time: If You haven't heard of "Transfiguration" by Olivier Sagazan, go, check him out. He's a great artist and performer on many levels.

Many thanks to my pal Edward, who helped me getting all seven variants printed within one night, and of course a trillion thanks to Secret Serpents!

The poster is now available on

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Band: (the) Melvins Date: 2018-10-16 Location: LOGO, Hamburg, DE Type: Screenprint Colors: two Variants: seven