Gigposter - (the) Melvins - 2018-10-16 - LOGO, Hamburg, DE

A (serious) dead man. No more, no less. Screenprint, 2c, handprinted on exquisite 285g/m² recycled italian paper, hand-cut.

This print is not only for my all time favourite band, which always has a place reserved in my playlist, but it's also dedicated to my dad, who suddenly passed away a few days ago.

I won't make a secret of my inspiration and reference this time: If You haven't heard of "Transfiguration" by Olivier Sagazan, go, check him out. He's a great artist and performer on many levels.

Many thanks to my pal Edward, who helped me getting all seven variants printed within one night, and of course a trillion thanks to Secret Serpents!

The poster is now available on

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Band: (the) Melvins Date: 2018-10-16 Location: LOGO, Hamburg, DE Type: Screenprint Colors: two Variants: seven

Fieldwork – made simple

Until May 25, Christoph Sander (Studio Akkord) will be showing linoleum and silk-screen prints in his exhibition: Fieldwork - made simple / Schauplatz für Kunst / Haus der Region Hannover.

Haus der Region
Hildesheimer Str. 20
30169 Hannover

opening hours:
Mo. - Do. 8:00 - 17:00 Uhr
Fr. 8:00 - 16:00 Uhr
free admission

Collaboration with Herdentier

We collaborate with the wonderful and fantastic label Herdentier and designed and printed the graphic art for a special edition of Backpacks, Beltbags and Handbags. All bags consist of cork. 🎒👜🤘

Vernissage / Bestiarium Obscurum

26.01. – 18.02.2018 / Konnektor - Forum für Künste / Hannover, group exhibition Bestiarium Obscurum with Heiko Müller, Maria Trezinski and Martin Grobecker (Studio Akkord).

Open House im Hafven

Der Hafven hat am 04.11.2017 sein einjähriges Bestehen gefeiert und lud zum Tag der offenen Tür ein.
Wir waren erneut vertretten mit offenen Siebdruck-Workshop für alle Besucher.